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  • buttons and tips for rock tools
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Tungsten Carbide Tips

Applications:Excavating tools,Threaded Button Bits,Tapered Button Bits,Mine Cutting Picks,CNC Cutting,Roadheaders
Alloy Specification:YG9C,Z25,YG11C

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Tungsten Carbide Tips


(1)Matearial: High virgin raw material with submicron and average grain size.
(2)Tolerance: Strict tolerance extent control can reach +/-0.01mm.
(3)Grades: Various Choices, YG8C,YG10C,YG11C, etc.
(4)Types: Standard,conical,parabolic,ballistic.
(5)Physical performance: High hardness and impact toughness, good enough me-chanical and chemical stability.

Brief Introduction

K.R.D Limited offers a broad range of high quality cemented carbide buttons and tips that can perform in a variety of rock formations. The desired composition and shape are usually provided by our customer based on the application.
We also offer our technical support for grade selection and buttons design to enable our customer to make the right choice for their rock tools. Our extensive grade offering, in-house powder manufacturing and R&D enable us to provide unique options for our customer.
Cemented carbide with a combination of increased hardness and toughness is possible with our special processes and grade selection. We can offer fully finished and ready to use buttons and tips for direct assembly in a rock tools manufacturing line. 


Grade Desity g/cm2 HRA N/mn2 Recommended Application
YG6 14.95 90.1 1900 Suitable for hard rock formation under strong shock
YG8 14.75 88.5 2200 Suitable for medium-hard to hard rock formation
YG8C 14.72 88.5 2700 Suitable for medium hard and hard rock formation
YG10C/11C 14.55/14.49 87.8/87.7 2800/2900 Suitable for medium and hard rock formation


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