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  • GT60 Retrac Threaded drilling bits
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  •  GT60 Retrac Rock drill bits
  • GT60 Retrac Threaded drill bits

GT60 Retrac Button Bits

Diameter (mm):92-96-102-115-127-140-152
Gauge button angle°:35°/40°
Material:Alloy steel bar 45CrNiMoV and tungsten carbide tips YK05
Shape of bit face:Flat/Concave/Convex/Center Drop Bit

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GT60 Retrac Button Bits

About Products

 King Kong drill steel has high fatigue strength, toughness and offers high wear resistance giving an efficient and economic drilling operation. The unique wear resistant carbide grade in our integral drill steel, in combination with the generous carbide volume, provides extended service life in all applications. Our unique R23 rods and bits for extension drilling provide the strongest thread in hole sizes 33– 45 mm.



 King Kong Drilling bits are widely used in all kinds of mining ,drilling ,quarrying engineering, construction, oil exploring etc.

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Thread button bits could be with Rope thread R22, R25, R28, R32, R35, R38 and T thread, T38, T45, T51, T60, ST58, ST68 etc.


Main threaded button bits are:

R22-32mm, R22-36mm, R22-38mm, R22-41mm;

R25-33mm, R25-35mm, R25-37mm, R25-38mm, R25-41mm, R25-43mm, R25-45mm;

R28-37mm, R28-38mm, R28-41mm, R28-43mm, R28-45mm, R28-48mm;

R32-41mm, R32-43mm, R32-45mm, R32-48mm, R32-51mm, R32-54mm, R32-57mm, R32-64mm, R32-76mm;

T38-64mm, T38-70mm, T38-76mm, T38-89mm, T38-102mm, T38-127mm;

T45-76mm, T45-89mm, T45-102mm;

T51-89mm, T51-102mm, T51-115mm , T51-127mm;

T60-92mm, T60-96mm, T60-102mm, T60-115mm, T60-118mm, T60-127mm, T60-140mm, T60-152mm etc.


T38 threaded button bits could be produced as per your requirements completely, such as flat face or drop-center face; normal body or retrac body; spherical buttons, ballistic buttons or parabolic buttons.