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  • Threaded Button Bits
  • Threaded Button Bits
  • Threaded Button Bits
  • Threaded Button Bits
  • Threaded Button Bits

Threaded Button Bits

Bits Diameter:33mm-203mm
Button Shapes:Spherical,ballistic,parabolic
Bit Faces:Flat,concave,convex and drop-center

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Threaded Button Bits

Brief Introduction

Thread rock drill bits
Thread tpe: R22,R25 R28,R32 R38,T38,T45,T51
Diameter: 51mm to 127mm
Face shape: plate,concave,convex.
Bit shank&coupling sleeve: R22,R25,R28,R32,R38,T38,T45, T51


Compared with the oversea brands, our advantages are bellowing:
a. Our products can match over 95% against the original products.
b. Price are competitive against the famous brands and best quality against the small factory.
Other rock drill: besides threaded top hammer rock drill button bits,we also supply following.
Construction & Mining & Rock Drill Tools:
a. DTH hammer and bit (drill hole dia.: 76 ~ 381mm), Overburden Drilling System;
b. Top hammer (drill hole dia.: 33 ~ 152mm):
Thread tools (button bits,rod,coupling,shank adaptor): (R25/28/32/38,T38/45/51,ST58)
c. Ginding machine:button bit sharpen grinder
d. High rang soundless cracking agent (dia. 40 ~ 50mm): break rock or reinforced concrete with silent.

Drill Bits Face Shape Selection

Bit Face Shape Selection Brief introduction
Drop Center Bit For high penetration rates in soft to medium hard and fissured rock formations, Low to medium air pressures. Maximum hole deviation control.
Concave Face The all-round application bit face specifically for medium hard and homogeneous rock formations. Good hole deviation control and good fishing capacity.
Convex Face For high penetration rates m soft to medium-hard with low to medium air pressures. It is the most resistance to steel wash. And many reduce the load and wear on the gauge buttons. But poor hole deviation control.
Double Gauge Face This kind face shape is suitable for fast penetration rates in medium to hard rock formations. Designed for high air pressures and good resistance to steel wash step gauge bit.
Flat Face Bit This kind of face shape is suitable for hard to very hard and abrasive rock formations in applications with high air pressure. Good penetration rates are resistance to steel wash.

Drill Bits Carbide Button Shape Selection
Carbide button shape selection Brief introduction
Domed/Round Button Domed /Round Buttons are usually used as gauge buttons of DTH Bits. Suitable for very abrasive and very hard formations.
Parabolic/Semi- Ballistic Buttons Parabolic Buttons are usually used as gauge buttons and front buttons of DTH Bits, suitable for medium abrasive and hard formations.
Ballistic Button Ballistic Buttons are usually used as front buttons of DTH Bits, Suitable for medium abrasive and medium hard formations. They can also be used as gauge buttons if the rock is soft.
Sharp Button Sharp Buttons are usually used as front buttons of DTH bits for soft formations where fast penetration rates are possible.
Flat Button Flat buttons are usually used as protection buttons to reduce Near on rubbing surfaces of DTH Bits.

Specification Parameters

Dia.(mm) Thread Connection Buttons Air Holes Weight(kg)
Gauge Front
51 R32 4×11 2×9 1 2 1.00
64 R32 6×12 3×11 3 1 1.70
64 T38 6×12 3×10 1 2 1.70
76 T38 7×12 4×10 3 1 3.00
76 T45 8×11 6×10 4 - 3.00
78 T38 8×11 5×11 4 - 3.10
89 R32 8×12 6×11 4 - 3.50
89 R38 8×12 6×11 4 - 3.50
89 T45 8×12 6×11 4 - 3.50
89 T51 8×12 6×11 4 - 4.50
102 T45 8×14 6×13 4 - 5.50
102 T51 8×14 6×13 4 - 5.50
105 R38 8×14 6×13 4 - 4.50
115 R38 8×14 7×13 4 - 4.80
115 T51 8×14 7×13 4 - 4.80
125 R38 8×14 8×13 4 - 5.50
127 T51 8×14 8×13 4 - 6.50