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Surface and Underground Mining

Application:Surfacing and underground mining
Certificates:ISO9001:2008 API
Material:Alloy steels,42CrMo

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Surface and Underground Mining

Letter to Our Customers

Customers demanded a road milling tool that would do two things: lower their operating costs and deliver more performance for the money.
The cutting bit Supplied by K.R.D. Limited are decidedly different — because we decided to offer different quality requiring customers than any other road milling bit supplier currently on the China mainland market.

Brief Introduction

Somebody from Some company Says:“It doesn’t matter if your mining job takes you underground or keeps you on the surface. What matters is how much material you produce and move, how quickly you do it, and how much it costs you each shift.If you’re not moving enough material, working as efficiently as you need to, and saving (and making) money in the process, then it’s time for better tooling.“
Now It’s time for King Rock Drilling Tools Limited to help save your money and supply flexible offers for your different quality requirements.

International Brands Models K.R.D Limited Supplying

Kennametal Model:
Rz05, Rz07, Rz08, Rz19, Rz20, Rz16, Rz24, Rz25, RP01, RP11, RP15, RP16, RP30, RP18, RP24, RP25, RP27, RP28, RP21, RP22, Rpm18, c3kbf, RS12,RS19,RS14, RS16, RS18, c10amc, c10HD, c10, c10h, QC100, QC110b, QC110HD, QC110h, sr01, sr02, sr03, sr04, sm01, sm02, sm03, sm04, sm06, sm07, c87rl, c87hds, cm10am/LG, C87e, cm41, cm42, cmb4, cm61, cmb6, cm63, cmb6l, CH31sr, ar350t.
Sandvik Model:
k6lw r19, k6mw r19, k6mt r19, k6lt r19, k6mt r22, k1al r22, k6mw r22, r19 blocks, r22 blocks.
Wirtgen Model:
w1-10, w1-13, w1-15, w4e, w5e, w5eh, w6, w6-aoc, w6e, w6eh, w6h, w6s, w6sg, w7eh, w8eh, wm1/13, wm4/13, w6/22, w6sg/22, w7/22, w8/22, wr6-sg, wr8-ewr-15, wr-19, w1-13/22, w1-17/22.
B47K, B46K12, B47K19, B43H, BHR35, BHR75, etc. 


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