• crawler hydraulic wells-geothermal drilling rig
  • hydraulic open-air blast hole drilling rig
  • full hydraulic multifunctional drilling rig
  • integrated hydraulic DTH drilling rig
  • integrated hydraulic DTH drilling rig
  • integrated hydraulic DTH drilling rig

Drill Rigs and Rock Drills

Control Board:The control board is consist of console frame,electro-hydraulic valve,reducing valve,compensated flow control valve oil pressure gauge,engine instruments etc
Winch System:Hydraulic motor-powered winch can flexibly hoist less than one and a half tons of drilling tools or accessories.
Engine:Power system is diesel drive system, Cummins93Kindustry-specific engine, hydraulic pump and motor provide a strong impetus for the rigs.
Footplate:The operator can stand on the footplate with enough areas avoiding mud under feet.

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Drill Rigs and Rock Drills

Features & benefits

(1)Mounted on a crawler platform with 360 degrees rotation, provides exceptional reach and maneuverability.
(2)Compact and powerful design with high ground clearance for working in restricted spaces.
(3)One man operation.
(4)Low cost of operation.

Brief Introduction

The Rock Drill Rigs are designed for geothermal and water well drilling. It is mounted on a versatile crawler track platform with high ground clearance and 360-degree rotation, which makes this unit exceptionally well suited for working in restricted spaces. The 360 degree ro-tation gives the driller an exceptional reach without reposition the drilling rig. The WellDrill has a direct hydraulic control system with all functions accessible via external control panel mounted on a hydraulic swinging arm, with duplicate controls for positioning. A side panel provides controls for the drilling machine chain feeder, pipe rack, stinger advance and other cylinder movements. The side panel also has duplicate controls for moving the machine.
Ten degrees of chain feeder tilt – forward, backward and sideways – makes the unit very useful on undulating ground. It is supplied as standard with wide, heavy-duty rubber tracks that minimize soil disturbance. The chain feeder has a stinger mounting that permits vertical movement of the feeder. The rotation unit is driven by two hydraulic motors and a control valve allows the hydraulic motors to be operated in series or in parallel, optimizing either torque or rotation speed.
The entire drilling rig has been designed to give service technicians easy access to all com-ponents. All hoses are neatly and logically arranged on hose ladders and marked to give a clear overview of the hydraulic system.


Model D120 D165 D225
Aperture 90-150mm 152-180mm 178-254mm
Depth 24m 25m 25m
Adaptive rock f>8
Rotation troque 10-100rpm
Thrust capacity 35kn 40kn 75kn
Feed stroke 4380mm 4380mm 4380mm
Lifting speed 0.5m/s 0.5m/s 0.4m/s
Hammer model HD45/HD55 HD55/HD65 HD65/HD85
Drill rod diameter 76mm/89mm 110mm/133mm 133mm/146mm
Drill rod length 4m
Travel speed 2.5km/h
Grade ability 25 Degree
Height from ground 480mm
Work pressure 1.05-2.4Mpa 1.38-2.4Mpa 1.38-3.2Mpa
Air consumption 15m3/min 25m3/min 28m3/min
Engine power 60kw 75kw 93kw
Dimension 7800x3200x8400mm 9500x3250x8600 9200x4100x8800
Gross weight 15.5Tons 23Tons 29Tons


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