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DTH Button Bits

Application:Well drilling,Ore ming,Coal mining
Shank of Bit:DHD,COP,Mission,SD,QL,TD,BR
Basic Bit Designs:Convex,Flat front,SpeedBit,Concave,Rocket Bit

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DTH Button Bits

High Pressure DTH Button Bits

Shank: DHD3.5, DHD340A,DHD350R, DHD360,DHD380, QL40,QL50,QL80,COP44,COP54,COP64,COP84,SD4,SD5,SD6,SD8, Mission 40, Mission50,Mission60, Mission80, Mach 33, Mach 44,BR2, BR3,BR4,Mach 50, SD10, SD12,DHD112, Numa 120, Numa 125.
Diameter: 76mm-550mm.

Different Faces Styles

Flat face: This is an universal design, especially for hard and abrasive rock formation. So typically, flat face with hemi-spherical buttons design is the most popular choice.
Convex face: A classic design for soft to medium hard rock formation which is not so abrasive. This design have very excellent penetration rate but poor in hole deviation if rocks are hard.
Concave face: Medium hard to hard rock formations which is less abrasive and fractured. Especially for deep hole drilling, excellent control over hole deviation.
DGR face: A special design for hard or very hard rock conditions, double gauge row buttons provide very excellent ware-resistance and very longer life time. It is usually used for some bigger diameter DTH bits. Besides, we are manufacturing the DTH bits with various shanks so they can be compatible with different DTH hammers

Recommended DTH Bits and DTH Drill Pipes

Bit Size: 3.5’’/3’’ , DTH Hammer Bits Shank Types: COP34, DHD3.5, MISSION30 BR3, Recommended Bits:90mm-105mm
Bit Size: 4’’ DTH Hammer Bits, Shank Types: DHD340, QL40, MISSION40, SD4, Recommended Bits: 110mm-130mm.
Bit Size: 5’’ DTH Hammer Bits, Shank Types: DHD350, QL50, MISSION50, SD5, Recommended Bits: 134mm-152mm.
Bit Size:6’’ DTH Hammer Bits, Shank Types: DHD360, QL60, MISSION60, SD6, Recommended Bits:152mm-203mm.
Bit Size: 8’’ DTH Hammer Bits, Shank Types: DHD380, QL80 MISSION80, SD8, Recommended Bits: 203mm-305mm.
Bit Size: 12’’ DTH Hammer Bits, Shank Types: DHD112, SD12, QL120, Customer Tailor-made.
DTH Drill Pipes
Diameter: 60mm, 76mm, 89mm, 102mm, 114mm, 140mm, 146mm, 168mm,
Thread Sizes: 2 3/8’’ API, 2 7/8’’ API, 3 1/2’’ API, 4 1/2’’ API.
Wall Thickness: 5.5mm, 6.5mm, 8.5mm, 10mm, 11mm, 19mm etc.
Length: 1000mm- 10670mm
P.S: All DTH drill pipes are friction welded.