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Mission60 DTH Button Bits

Diameter (mm):89-152
Technology:Heat Treatment
Material:Carbon steel and Tungsten Carbide Button
Colour :Gold , Blue , Black

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Mission60 DTH Button Bits

About Products

 King Kong Drill corporation can design and manufacture varieties of  DTH Bits according to customer's requirements of the bit diaair hole nos.carbide button shape and the face shape. High air pressure and low air pressure DTH drill bits are both available.
Our DTH button hammer bits are made from the best tungsten carbide tips & special steels, after hot heat treated, the steels reach a good level in surface compression & fatigue resistance. All of our products are compatible with many products manufactured by Sandvik, Atlas Copco, Mincon etc., all our Down the hole bits are widely used in mining, tunneling, quarrying, construction, and civil engineering projects.


 Never allow a hammer and bit to remain overnight in a hole that contains water or mud. The corrosive action caused by these conditions can seriously damage the hammer. Observe the following points when storing the hammer. They will help its components stay protected

from rust, and ensure that it is always ready to be used, whenever necessary.

–– Disassemble the hammer completely.

–– Thoroughly clean and repair all of its components.

–– Reassemble the hammer immediately, keeping

joints loose.

–– Coat the entire inside diameter of the hammer with a light film of rock drill oil. Coat all of the threads with thread grease. Install thread protectors.

–– Seal each end of the hammer to keep it free from dirt and dust.

–– Always store the hammer in a suitable protective container, in a dry location.

–– Grease the bit shank.

–– Place a protective cover on top of the bit to prevent foot valve breakage.

–– Always store the bit in a dry location.

–– Before storing the hammer overnight or over a weekend, clean it by blowing lubricated air through the system, and insert rock drill oil into the top sub. Push the check valve dart open with a rounded-end drift pin, to ensure the inlet of oil to the hammer.


 We believe that we can make a difference to the successful running of your business. You need to get the best out of your equipment - with no compromise on quality, delivery time or service. With us as partners, we will create solutions that make your operation run as effectively as possible. One thing is certain: our products and solutions will continue to meet the ever-growing needs of the mining industry, and your business.

Our focus and continuous development gives you the latest technical solutions for the most demanding rock conditions, and for the most powerful rock tools. Our products undergo extensive laboratory studies and are mercilessly tested in the field. Finally, they are all evaluated and refined to provide the highest grade of tools quality - something that characterizes all our products.

Our DTH button bit designs are well known and extensively used around the world. They are continuously updated to bring added value to customers. Bit selection is a critical factor in the performance of a drilling operation.

– Correct bit selection is essential for optimal performance.

– The correct bit design for a specific rock formation will give an optimal penetration rate with a good product life, resulting in the lowest cost per drilled meter.

All the bits have an optimized head length, and the bit head has been designed to maximize the support for cemented carbide buttons. The bit face has deep face grooves that offer excellent flushing along with an aggressive cutting structure. We use our unique in-house manufacturing facilities to produce the carbide and bits, coupled with a new state-of-the-art DTH laboratory.
We have the resources to meet the most varied needs, and can offer the drilling solution that suits you best.