Tohammer T51-20ft Drill Steel Rod

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King Kong’s First of first client from Oak Brook, IL 60523 USA provides dredging, engineering services, shaping the environment.  Bob sent me his first email at the date of Jan. 12, 2017, and finally he bought from us at the date of May 24, 2017. It took more than 4 months, 120 days to complete this deal. Honestly speaking, this is not longest negotiation in my history, the longest was 6 months after receiving the Inquiry. I do not quite remember why i kept disturbing Mr Bob week after week without any doubt. I just remember one thing in my mind, it is that I could’t help thinking why he did not reply me and why did not he give me his clear answer or decision, why did not he tell me when he would like to buy ours etc I will not be able to have his answers if i stopped to contact him and email him for a final confirmed answer. All  I could do right then was telling him the quality of our drill rods and the performance results about our drill steels, and  how important he meant to us, and we would cherish our business relationship once we had the first cooperation, all I wanted right then was just a fair chance for Top Quality of China made Rock Drilling Tools supplied by King Kong Drills Limited. USA client satisfaction will be a unforgettable proof for all the buyers of

high quality rock drilling tools made in China.   

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