USA Customer Order of Thread Button Bits Reaming Bits T38-64mm R25-35mm R32-51mm

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Difficult Drilling Part Rocks. Quartz with Silicon. 

Some one esle Manufactured R32-51mm Rock Drilling Bits. Failed in Drilling. Photo provided by customer from USA. 

Items: R25 R32 T38 Thread Rock Drilling Tools.
Model Types: R25-35mm Button Bits, R32-51mm Button Bits, T38-64mm Button Bits, T38-89mm T38-115mm Reaming Bits. 
Buttons Configuration: Spike Buttons, Full Ballistic Buttons. 
Shipping Destination: Birmingham, Alabama, USA.
Drill Bits Application: Project Tunneling.
Rock Information: Limestone, Blue Stone, Granite etc. 
Hardness(f): 10-13.
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