Some Thoughts About Tapered Button Bits Produced for Different Market

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Material: Steels. Skirt of the Tapered Bit: 35CrMoVaNi, 45CrNiMo,42CrNiMo. 
Skirt Quality influenced by Different Hot Tungsten Inserts and Hot Treatment Temperature :

Abrasive, Strength and toughness will be influenced by the Design.


Tungsten Carbides: Button Bit Drilling Time is Influenced by Good Performance Against  Abrasive. The tungsten carbides brand inserted into the Tapered Button Bits include

the Chisel and Cross Bits are K010H, YK20, YK15.6 and 601 for exporting to India and Egypt market. The Tungsten quality is also influenced by density, cobalt content, 

magnetic saturation, bending resistance. Of course, good and better and advanced bit outlook play a very important role in quality performance as well. 


Tapered Button Bits for Underground Drilling: 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, with 6pcs or 8 pcs of tungsten tips. Length of Skirt: 32-36mm and 60-65mm, can be connected with Hand

Jack Hammer YT29A, YT24, YT27 and YT28. The stone types in India and Egypt are granite, marble. 
 In this world, there is no button  bit can solve all the problems and fit all

the kinds of rocks.
 Bit Performance will be influenced by factors below as well:Tungsten Carbide Length, Diameter, Numbers, Position, Angles, compactness between the face

holes and tungstens, positions of the grooves, diameter of the grooves, and length of grooves etc. 


The bit quality can be decided by the production technology and advanced production CNC machine. One bit can have very  different performance in drilling length when they

are used in different drilling rigs under different air and power supply. So all of the salesmen need to know the details of different drilling rigs, it is pneumatic  hand hold jack

hammers or hydraumatic drilling rigs. 


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