R32-45mm T38-76mm 89mm Rock Drilling Tools Customers Visiting in USA and Alaska

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Client Name: Dave Steels. Rock Types: Quarry Blue Stones. Rock Drilling Tools: H22 H25 Drilling Steels, Rock Drilling Bits: Tapered Button Bits D34 D36, Threaded Button Bits: T38-76mm T38-89mm Retrac Body Skirt. This client used to be a blades dealer in PA state, we knew each other 6 months ago in  a fair of China Rock Stone Show in year of 2018, he show us some sample bits he needed to test in his customer quarry stones, we king kong drills limited delivered 10 rock drill button bits in total for testing as the beginning in PA state. We are expecting a dealing quantity per month more than 100 grand dollars there. Dave is a lovly man with warm heart, he is so kindly to show us his treasure baby guns, and we love them and also we felt nervous when we heard the shooting sound around us. That is a wonderful and amzing experience with our friend David Steels. 

Client Name: Frank Stevens, City name: Birmimgham, Consuming Rock Drilling Tools types: R32-51mm R32-45 R25-35mm Threaded Button Bits, T38-102 Reaming Bits. Cooperation Year: 2017-2018. This is the second time we met Frank in his office, he is the director manager of his company which is professional in building the city tunnels and dam contruction projects in all around USA. He told us that our reaming bits were still working after drilling more than thousands of meters in the stones like the photos here, the stone is very and super abrasive and hard rocks grantie, hardness more than 14f , we delivered hunders of R32 and R25 and some of the T38 bits to hlep him overcome such setbacks in a short time an now his project is much easier than before and the hard rocks have gone, soft rocks is just as easy as eating a cheese cake now. we are so happy to hear that Frank will give us a new bigger order in this coming year of 2019 and the total amount will be more than 200 grand dollars. That is a best evidence of the trust from our clients to King Kong Drills Limited. 

Customer name: Bob Mackay, work in GLDD Chicago city, north part, our biggest customer in USA which has more than 20 offices in USA, and history is more than 100 years since 19's century. Rock Drilling Tools Consuming: T51-6095mm Drill Steels, T51-127mm Threaded Button Bits. 

Customer name: Chris, from Alaska. Position in company: Owner of family company. Dealing accessories and machines: Rock Drilling Steels, Rock Drill Bits, Excavators, spare parts for rock drilling rigs made by atlas copco, Mitsubishi Rock drill steels and bits. Bits Tested Types: R32-45mm Button bits, T51-76 retrac button bits. Rock information: Extremly hard rocks with abrasive charactors and features. At the begining, we received chris email with descrition of the bits he needed to buy for his client. The bit thread is T51 and the diameter of the bits is 76mm but the body skirt of this threaded bit is retrac, which means it is not normal and usual like everyone else using in some other places. Chris told us that was his client requirement and he had to satisfy his client and gave what his client needed and confirmed this order by sample testing first. We delivered some bits of T51-76 with retrac body skirt, and we did not know that the rock information very well and we had a problem when we received the feedback from Chris, he said our bits could not even bear half of the same bits like Atals Copco and rock more, our bits only drill no more than 200 meters and bits could not be used any more. We had received the photos of the bits and found that bit skirt was almost gone and very bad situation. we realised that our big skirt body is incorrect and no cusotmer would ask for such types, so we asked Chris, he told us the concerns from his client, was to get back the bits because of rock changes in drilling. So the plan we gave Chris was T51-76mm with normal body skirt+Guide Extension Rod to make sure the hole will be straight and clean. 

Client name: Fred, Testing Bits: T51-127mm Threaded Button Bits. Rocks Type: Golden mine rocks in Ghana Africa, Quantity consumption per month: 300-500pcs estimated. Bits Grade: Top. 

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