What is the difference between Bart KINGKONG Drilling Tools and Epiroc Sandvik Rockmore Mitsubishi

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Reference to your question between us and Rockmore and Epiroc. Are you saying the difference of the products? 

Here are my answers: 

1) Our offering price is more flexible and reasonable for some companies which have limited budget and want to control the investment on the drilling Consumables. 

2) We have 50 years of experience in producing from rock Drill Steels to rock drill bits, and the process is much more sophisticated than before in old days of China, we have even tough rock drilling condition and our operators underground in mines need more stronger bits or rods to keep working even more hours so that they can earn more money per hour and day. In China our workers never resharp the bits, they just thrown them away when the bits worn out totally. 

3) We give fast feedback or change on the design of flushing holes, side grooving channels and gauge/front carbide buttons, which will be good for the end users to keep drilling more meters or smoothly. We are as big as Atlas or Sandvik that is why we can give feedback or solving solutions to our clients more faster. 

4) we used imported steels made by Sweden steel mill company which used to be the rock drill hollow  steels supplier of Sandvik before , we use same type model types of Sandvik  carbide inserts compositions to perfectly match the imported steels. And our most cheap quality is the best quality of China made Drill Steels mill factory, so can control and change the quality as stable as possible. 

5) We care every testing feedback from our customers and we will send our sales agent or sales manager to customer working places to gather the latest results and working feedback and then our engineers will research deeper from the feedbacks. 

6) All in all we are always giving feedback and solutions as soon as possible. We love challenges in the this business, that means improving more after beat the setbacks. 

Hope our answers will be enough for your understanding. 
Bart Young
Overseas General Manager 
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