40PC 35mm-R25 Australian Buyer Sample Testing Compared to Boartlongyear Rock Drilling Bits

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 King Kong Drills Limited. i.e K.K.D. A China local Higher Quality Performance Rock Drilling Tools Supplier which has been exporting to North America, South America, Middle East, East Africa and South Africa for decades of years. Exporting product series: Top-hammer Rock Drilling Tools Threaded Button Bits, Cross Button Bits, Tapered Button Bits, Tapered Drill Rods, Male-female Thread Button Bits, Couplings. Down The Hole Button Bits and Hammers. Model types such as CIR, BR, DHD, QL, SD, Mission, Cop44 Cop54 Cop64. Diameter: 2’ to 12’ and the matched DTH Bits diameter: 76mm to 400mm. 

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Fast Sample Bits and Rods Delivery Time Upon Orders, we can arrange delivery on the same day once we confirm the model types and numbers you are asking is available in stock. 

 Honest Suggestion about the quality feedback from our own clients. Most of our feedbacks are directly reported by end user customers after they tested our bits or rods on their rock drilling projects. 

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