Atlas and KingKong R32 43mm Threaded Bit performance Report from Zambia Customers

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[下午3:12, 2018年7月10日] Bart Young: Hello

[下午3:12, 2018年7月10日] Bart Young: So what is the feedback ?

[下午3:12, 2018年7月10日] Bart Young: Are you gonna tell me anything about the feedback ?

[下午3:12, 2018年7月10日] Bart Young: We hope you can email me the testing result with details description and photos.

[下午3:13, 2018年7月10日] Bart Young: That will be better for a record.

[下午3:14, 2018年7月10日] Sydney (Zambia) 钻头: I tested your drill bits at the hardest rock metal mine in Zambia. The average life was just like average Atlas copco

[下午3:14, 2018年7月10日] Sydney (Zambia) 钻头: I will take pictures and send a detailed report

[下午3:14, 2018年7月10日] Bart Young: What does that mean ?

[下午3:14, 2018年7月10日] Bart Young: Average life is just like average of Atlas ?

[下午3:14, 2018年7月10日] Sydney (Zambia) 钻头: I have sold the shank adapters to the customer for trial. So I will get feedback later

[下午3:15, 2018年7月10日] Bart Young: Shank adapter testing will take

[下午3:15, 2018年7月10日] Sydney (Zambia) 钻头: Yes. So quality is just like atlas

[下午3:15, 2018年7月10日] Bart Young: Longer time than Bit.

[下午3:15, 2018年7月10日] Bart Young: Is that your expecting result?

[下午3:15, 2018年7月10日] Bart Young: We have beat sadvink

[下午3:15, 2018年7月10日] Bart Young: In Sweden

[下午3:15, 2018年7月10日] Sydney (Zambia) 钻头: Yes. Shank will take longer than bit.

[下午3:16, 2018年7月10日] Sydney (Zambia) 钻头: Atlas bit = 23 holes

King Kong bit = 25 holes

[下午3:16, 2018年7月10日] Sydney (Zambia) 钻头: Yours is better than Atlas

[下午3:16, 2018年7月10日] Bart Young: Man, quality is not just like, it should be equal or close to Atlas. That is the result I am expecting. Cause the rocks are the highest hard

[下午3:16, 2018年7月10日] Bart Young: That is right.

[下午3:17, 2018年7月10日] Sydney (Zambia) 钻头: Yes. The rocks ate very hard here

[下午3:17, 2018年7月10日] Sydney (Zambia) 钻头: But my customers are impressed with your bits quality.


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